About Unsolved Vermont

I created Unsolved Vermont to highlight unsolved crimes, unexplained disappearances and unidentified persons cases throughout the Green Mountain State. The goal of this blog is not to solve or investigate these cases, but to create a collection of Vermont’s unsolved cases and bring attention to them, particularly those that are not well-known. I’m not a law enforcement officer or professional investigator—just a writer interested in unsolved cases.

The information published here will come from news articles, online media like podcasts or blogs, NamUs, the Vermont State Police website, local law enforcement agencies, and other internet resources. Each post will include links to any sources used and where to find additional information about a case. Posts may be edited or changed over time if I find additional sources or if new information becomes available.

The comments on this blog are open, and I welcome anyone to leave their thoughts or opinions about a case. I ask that you be respectful to the people written about here and to other commenters. Do not name suspects, unless the name has been previously published and you can provide the source. If you have information about a case, please report it to the appropriate authorities. Inappropriate or disrespectful comments will be removed.

If you would like to have a case featured on Unsolved Vermont or have any questions about the blog, please contact me.

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