Monthly Round-Up: October 2022

The Unsolved Vermont Monthly Round-Up collects the latest updates on unsolved cases, media covering Vermont cases and more. Have a link to include next month? Get in touch!

News & Case Updates

Suspect arrested for the 1989 murders of George and Catherine Peacock 

Photo of Catherine and George Peacock
Catherine and George Peacock
(image via Vermont State Police)

On October 13, Vermont State Police arrested 79-year-old Michael Louise for the murder of his in-laws, George and Catherine Peacock, in Danby in September 1989. Blood was found in Louise’s car and preserved for over 30 years. New DNA testing determined the blood belonged to George Peacock, giving authorities the evidence they needed for the arrest. 

Missing man Donald Messier’s car found 

On October 5, divers recovered Donald Messier’s pickup truck from the Winooski River in Duxbury. Some of his belongings were also located, but his remains were not found in the vehicle. Donald has been missing since 2006. He was last seen leaving a party in Waitsfield and never arrived home.  

New testing in 1935 Doe Case

Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick – Identifinders International – Somerton Man and Updates! | Gray Hughes Investigates

Recently, Colleen Fitzpatrick of Identifinders International discussed her work on the Addison County Does (aka Middlebury Does) on Gray Hughes Investigates. Fitzpatrick is a pioneer of forensic genealogy who has identified individuals in many high-profile cases. She and her team are attempting to use bone powder from the Does to extract DNA and use genetic genealogy to determine their identities. 

Vermont Cases in True Crime Media

The Trail Went Cold covered the disappearances of Paula Welden, James Tetford, Paul Jepson and Frieda Langer from the area known as the Bennington Triangle. The Halloween-themed episode mentions the supernatural speculation about the disappearances and offers a well-researched and respectful discussion of the individual cases. 

A few months ago, Wicked Deeds discussed the unsolved murders of Roland and Maram Hanel and explored the many questions and possibilities in the case. 

Recent and Upcoming Case Anniversaries  

Lloyd Fitzgerald disappeared on October 2, 1972 and was later found in the Winooski River. He had been shot and killed. 

John McGrath was found murdered on October 10, 1974

Wilfred King disappeared from Essex on October 24, 1980

Nancy Erickson was last seen in October 1973

Wilma Scribner was reported missing on November 2, 1977. Her remains were found the next year and her death was ruled a homicide. 

Patricia Hesse vanished from Rutland on November 9, 1981

William Halas was reported missing on November 11, 1977

John Benson was murdered on November 14, 1983

Dean Webster was murdered in Rochester on November 15, 2001

Michael Dumont disappeared from South Burlington on November 22, 2004

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