Monthly Round-Up: October 2022

The Unsolved Vermont Monthly Round-Up collects the latest updates on unsolved cases, media covering Vermont cases and more. Have a link to include next month? Get in touch!

News & Case Updates

Suspect arrested for the 1989 murders of George and Catherine Peacock 

Photo of Catherine and George Peacock
Catherine and George Peacock
(image via Vermont State Police)

On October 13, Vermont State Police arrested 79-year-old Michael Louise for the murder of his in-laws, George and Catherine Peacock, in Danby in September 1989. Blood was found in Louise’s car and preserved for over 30 years. New DNA testing determined the blood belonged to George Peacock, giving authorities the evidence they needed for the arrest. 

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Re-Introducing Unsolved Vermont 

Unsolved Vermont began as a graduate school project. The assignment was to create a blog about any topic we cared about and post throughout the semester. I knew immediately that my blog would be about unsolved mysteries. When I started thinking of topics I would write about, I thought of the Lynne Schulze and Middlebury Does cases. I was familiar with both and wanted an excuse to spend more time researching them. I decided the blog would be Vermont-themed, and Unsolved Vermont was born.

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Missing: Patricia Hesse

Patricia Hesse disappeared without explanation from her apartment in Rutland, Vermont, on November 9, 1981. There were no reported clues, and the case seemed to grow cold before the search even began. Patricia’s sister conducted her own investigation and believed that she knew who was responsible, but no one has been charged with a crime and Patricia’s disappearance remains unexplained.

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The Death of Cheryl Lunna

On Tuesday, April 29, 1992, Cheryl Lunna’s overturned car was found on Camp Brook Road in Bethel, Vermont. The car appeared to have gone off the road at a curve and landed in a stream. An investigation revealed she was likely run off the road by another driver. A suspect was eventually arrested, but no one was ever convicted for any crime related to her death.

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Missing: Wilfred King III

Wilfred King III left his home in Essex, Vermont, on October 24, 1980, and didn’t return. Some of his belongings, including the crutches he needed to walk, were found shortly after, but he was not be located; there was no explanation for his disappearance. In the years following, there were several searches, secret court inquests, tips to Crime Stoppers, and civil court proceedings between his family members, but Wilfred’s case remains unsolved. 

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The Murder of Maram and Roland Hanel

On Thursday, September 20, 1984, the bodies of Maram and Roland Hanel were found in their chalet in Jay, Vermont. Both had been shot multiple times. There were few clues, and the police seemed to hit a dead end early in the investigation. In the decades since the murder, there have been no arrests, no motive has been determined, and the case has received very little media attention.

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Missing: Selinda Winegar

On March 1, 1979, Selinda Jean Winegar left her family’s home on Forest Street in Burlington, Vermont. She was planning to visit a friend. When she failed to return home, her parents reported her missing. At the time, investigators believed she ran away from home, but there has never been a confirmed sighting of Selinda and she has not made contact with her family.

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Missing: Russell Bovit

Russell Bovit disappeared in May 1986. He was last seen at his home on the Last Resort Farm in Walden, Vermont, by two friends on May 6. He was reported missing on May 11 after his car was found abandoned. Police suspected foul play early in the investigation, though there were few reported clues found. Police and private investigators followed leads that they hoped would close the case, but Russell has never been located. Continue reading “Missing: Russell Bovit”

Missing: Paula Jean Welden

On Sunday, December 1, 1946, Paula Jean Welden told her roommate she was going for a walk and left her dorm on the Bennington College campus. It was about 2:45 in the afternoon. She was dressed in a red parka, blue jeans and white sneakers. Not long after, a gas station attendant spotted Paula, or someone who resembled her, just outside the college’s gates. Around 3 p.m., a man picked up a hitchhiker who matched Paula’s description on Route 67A. He dropped her off on Route 9 near the entrance to the Long Trail. Several people reportedly saw Paula on or near the trail in the next hour. She never returned to her dorm, and has not been seen or heard from again. Continue reading “Missing: Paula Jean Welden”