Re-Introducing Unsolved Vermont 

Unsolved Vermont began as a graduate school project. The assignment was to create a blog about any topic we cared about and post throughout the semester. I knew immediately that my blog would be about unsolved mysteries. When I started thinking of topics I would write about, I thought of the Lynne Schulze and Middlebury Does cases. I was familiar with both and wanted an excuse to spend more time researching them. I decided the blog would be Vermont-themed, and Unsolved Vermont was born.

The first few posts were simple. I was familiar with the cases and there were enough easily accessible sources to write an overview and submit the post for a grade. For the fourth post, I browsed the unsolved cases on the Vermont State Police website and found a murder I had never heard of, Baby Boy Doe. I turned to Google to learn more about the case, but there was nothing. I thought about picking an easier topic, but I wanted Baby Boy Doe to have more of an internet presence than just the profile on the VSP website. 

After that, I decided to focus on cases that hadn’t been widely covered by true crime shows or in books. These mysteries required more effort to write about but giving Vermont’s missing and unidentified persons a small place on the internet was worth the time and research. 

Once the class Unsolved Vermont had started in was over, it was harder to keep up with researching and posting. But now that graduate school is over, I have more free time and hope to begin posting more frequently. The plan, for now, is to write about at least one case a month and publish a monthly round-up of updates on cases, Vermont mysteries in the media and more. 

If there is a case you would like to see on the site, please get in touch!

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