The Death of Cheryl Lunna

On Tuesday, April 29, 1992, Cheryl Lunna’s overturned car was found on Camp Brook Road in Bethel, Vermont. The car appeared to have gone off the road at a curve and landed in a stream. An investigation revealed she was likely run off the road by another driver. A suspect was eventually arrested, but no one was ever convicted for any crime related to her death.

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The Murder of Maram and Roland Hanel

On Thursday, September 20, 1984, the bodies of Maram and Roland Hanel were found in their chalet in Jay, Vermont. Both had been shot multiple times. There were few clues, and the police seemed to hit a dead end early in the investigation. In the decades since the murder, there have been no arrests, no motive has been determined, and the case has received very little media attention.

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The East Middlebury Does

On May 15, 1935, a human skull was discovered by two women picking flowers in East Middlebury, Vermont. They alerted the sheriff, and a search of the area uncovered the remains of three people: a woman and two adolescents. All three had been shot in the head; a .38-caliber bullet was found near the remains. The bodies may have been wrapped in a blanket and a striped awning that were found nearby. The three victims had been killed anywhere from a year to five years before they were discovered. Continue reading “The East Middlebury Does”